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Starter Kit
Perfect for my daughter and I

Got for my daughter that was ready to start shaving she loves it! I started using the shave butter too. My legs feel amazing! Keeping it on autoship for sure!


Love this razor. Very close clean shave.

Starter Kit

I like that it has the bikini area trimming blade on it

Starter Kit
Starter Kit

I’m completely in love with these products. They are absolutely amazing and the razor shaves so smoothly without nicks. Definitely worth the purchase!!

Lasting Shave

I absolutely LOVE this stuff. Given it doesn’t have a super great lather, be reminded it’s a whipped shave butter, it’s not going to have a perfect lather. It smells great, easy to apply, leaves my skin feeling so soft, AND makes my legs feel smoother longer as if it’s making the shave last 2-3 days longer. My only complaint is I wish it came in more scents.

Razor and blades

Love the razor and blades! Sooo smooth afterwards

Loved it

Loved my socks loved everything about it thank you !


Okay, but I’m about to cancel subscription. It seems they don’t stay sharp for too long, and I don’t really like the heaviness and small handle of the razor itself.

Hi Crystal! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us. I am sorry to hear the razor was not the best fit for you. Thank you for giving us a try though! Best of luck. xo

Starter Kit
Never had such a close shave

I love the smell of the shave butter and how smooth my legs feel after i shave

Razor, blades and butter

Absolutely love this product... a woman will always be a girl. This product brings out the girl in me.. the packaging is absolutely cute..the products are amazing. The blades are bomb.. my partner keeps stealing my blades because he loves them so much.. actually he was the one who researched and found this company for me and I’m so happy he did.. this is my second time purchasing with them and I must say I will continue to use their products. It’s cute, it’s girl and it does an amazing job!

Whipped Shave Butter

Whipped Shave Butter

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Starter Kit
Works great

I love way my legs feel afterwards

Starter Kit

Love the shave butter and the razor give such a smooth shave.

Love My New Kit!

This kit is fantastic! I've always tended to buy whatever razors happened to be on sale and regular soap but these are so much better! The shave butter is silky smooth and doesn't have an overpowering scent and the razors get close to the skin with no irritation! I love them so much. 10/5 def recommend! :)

Great for beginners

My daughter loved the set I got her! She loved being able to look and see which product she should use first and having a holder for her shaver in the shower. Definitely a cute set and will be purchasing replacements when she runs out!

still great!

I've been subscribed for a while now, & still happy with all the products!

6-Blade Razor Replenishments

Wish it were better

The set itself comes in a nice heavy box and comes with a razor handle, 1 blade refill, a thin plastic cover for the blades and a little blade bag I believe it is. The handle itself is very heavy feeling, but then you get to see how the blades are made and it gave me some worry right away. You see, the blades are encased in some very thin looking and feeling plastic while the handle itself feels quite heavy and nice in the hand. That was a deception as the little thin plastic prongs on the end of the handle meant to hold a set of 6 blades on it are very flimsy. I used this product 1 time and did not make it halfway through shaving before the blades popped right off and proceeded to cut down the side of my leg. Turns out, those cheap little prongs on the handle are too weak to hold the blades in place without becoming weak and making an unstable product. I also found out an hour later that what little shaving I did get done, was not good. For 6 blades I expected my legs to be softer that a baby, but I was still covered in prickly hair like I had not shaved in 24 hours. For the fact it was the handle that had broken, I attached the blades to a different handle I have that has the same weaker build to it. The blades stayed in place, but still did not shave well. I was truly hoping for a better experience with all the great reviews I had read but only got disappointment and canceled everything the same day I got cut.

Hi Tiffany, I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't find the razors to be a good fit for you and that you got cut by the razor! I see how that would be frustrating. We do our best to provide our customers with the highest quality products, but we do understand that they may not be a fit for everyone since every woman's body is different. Thank you so much for giving us a try! xo

Whipped Shave Butter

Not happy

I unfortunately am going to cancel. I was liking them at first but now every time I shave they cut me. Not just knicks, I mean gashes to where I have huge scars. I wanted to like them so much.

Hello Shannon, We're super disappointed to hear that you're getting cut with the razor! That's definitely not the experience we wish for our customers to have. In fact, thousands of women across the US and Canada have expressed how much this razor has relieved them from cuts and nicks. Did you try using our signature whipped shave butter while you shaved? It provides an great protective layer to your skin while you shave. I hope this helps! xo


I’ve been using AGSC for about half a year now & they are the only blades I’ve ever used that allow me to skip a day of shaving- sometimes two!!! I previously used the schick intuition- nice for a quick shave but by that night my legs were prickly. Then I tried venus- so expensive & I rarely got a good shave that lasted more than a day. With AGSC though I just had to do a little happy dance when I realized after I used it the first time that I didn’t have to shave two days in a row! Sometimes I can even go three! This is very exciting for me- I love when my legs feel nice & smooth. The price is also a huge bonus & it’s crazy easy to change the subscription. I recommend these razors to anyone who’s ever struggled with the way too high priced store brands, has ever forgotten to go to the store fore more blades, and is ready for the best shave ever!!!