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My favorite

I absolutely love the whipped shave butter... Makes your legs and skin smooth for days... My favorite product besides the razor.... I love the texture and smells amazing I love it.....

Starter Kit
Tiffany B.
nice kit

It’s a nice starter kit, my only criticism is the handle is slippery.

Absolutely love these blades

I absolutely love these blades as well as the whipped shave butter legs feel nice and smooth and no cuts or nicks and stay smooth for awhile .. The best product I have now... I love them

Love being smooth

I really love how amazingly smooth my legs are. I have really fair hair, and have tried so many razors.. and I would end up cutting my legs so bad, just trying to get the hair off. I’m Soo glad I finally found the amazing razors

Starter Kit
Deborah F.

Found the handle heavy and not easy use when shaving legs but pretty looking

Hello Deborah, we appreciate you sharing your feedback on the Starter Kit! Isn't the Rose Gold Razor just gorgeous?! But I am sorry to hear the weight of the handle may not be the best fit for you. We try our best to provide the best quality products possible, but understand everyone is different! I hope you continue to try it and get the quality, smooth shave you deserve! If you have any specific questions regarding how to use the Rose Gold Razor, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at! xo

6-Blade Razor Replenishments

Starter Kit
Michelle A.
Best Razor I've used

I have gone through 20 razors in the past year after leaving another company. This one is by far the best I have used and I am so pleased after purchasing it. I think you should expand your company to include men.

Whipped Shave Butter

Shine, Girl!
Evonne L.

Shine, Girl!

Whipped Shave Butter

Starter Kit
Harvey W.

Starter Kit

Starter Kit
Erica B.

Starter Kit

Perfect shave butter!

This shave butter is exactly what my dry skin needs. Easy to apply and doesn’t clog my razor. Beach Babe is the most amazing scent!

Love the shave butter!!!!!

Love this shave butter!!!!! So much better then shaving cream or gel!!!!! Makes my legs feel so soft and smooth!!!!!! And the scents are amazing!!!!! I could probably switch between all of them, other than the unscented…….lol


This razor is the only one that won’t leave me bleeding. I have super sensitive skin and shaving my bikini line is always a pain. All Girl Shave Club razors always leave my skin so smooth, and I love the rose gold handle so much. I’ll never use a disposable again!

Starter Kit
Amanda B.

I ended up cancelling my subscription after the first shave. It wasn't a smooth shave despite using the shave butter and bring meticulous. The blade seems like it's one for a men's razor - there's no soothing strip on it. Also I was not a fan of the shave butter. The fragrance was off-putting, and it takes so much for a single shave that the jar is not going to last long if I don't toss it first from the smell. This was a waste of money.

Hi Amanda, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I am sorry to hear our 6-Blade Razor and Shave Butter were not the best fits for you! Our 6-Blade Razors certainly have a lubricating strip - containing Aloe and Vitamin E to create a smooth shave, but it sounds like that was not your experience. As for the Whipped Shave Butter, we offer an unscented Shave Butter that may be a better match for you. We try our best to provide high quality products but understand everybody is different! I would like to reach out to you directly to continue troubleshooting with you. We will be in touch! Thank you for giving us a try. xo

Starter Kit
Melinda F.

Great quality and arrived within just a few days. It is refreshing to have a quality razor handle with some weight to it instead of the light and cheap ones from other shave companies. No nicks, cuts, or razor burn and the same blade can be used multiple times.

Starter Kit
Not great

Razor is so slick you can’t hold it. There’s no grip when shaving at all. No rubber to grip on just metal mixed with shave gel or cream means you cannot handle the razor properly especially in your “private” areas. I’m going back to dollar shave club immediately

Hello Kristi, I am sorry to hear the razor was not the best fit for you. It seems the rubber grip on the underside of the handle was not sufficient for you. We are always looking for ways to improve our members' experiences so we appreciate your feedback. We hope you can continue to enjoy our Whipped Shave Butter! Thank you for giving us a try! xo

Starter Kit
Jodi K.
Great shave!

I love my new shaver! It is heavier then my old plastic Venus, but I got used to it. I love the close shave it gives me.

The BEST Shave

I love your products!!!


I purchased vanilla cupcakes and it's amazing the smell makes me happy also wanting cupcakes 🧁 !! lol the texture and feel it leaves is amazing. I will be purchasing again.

Love the body buffer!!!!!

I love it!!!!! Love the way it smells!!!!! Love the way it lathers!!!!!! I’m just not sure how I’m supposed to wring it out and not lose all of the precious body wash…..but definitely not a deal breaker!!!!!!

Love it!!!!

Love the whipped shave butter!!!! a love the way it feels!!!!! It makes my legs so soft!!!!!! Love the way it smells!!!!! Can’t wait to try more flavors!!!!!!

Awesome razor

Best razor ever even my husband loves it