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6-Blade Razor Replenishments


Absolutely love my new razor and all the great stuff that came in my box! The shave butter is to die for!!!


This sampler was my first buy from All Girls Shave Club. Love the razor, sturdy but not heavy and the shave butter is AMAZING!!

Floral Shower Cap
Katie S.
Cute showercap

My daughter loves the showercap. Super cute and is holding up well. I should had gotten 2.

Love All Girl Shave Club

Best razor I have ever used! All products are wonderful!

Starter Kit
Lucy S.
Best Shaving Experience Every Time

I joined the All Girls Shave Club for the sake of convenience & I actually turned out to love it! Ever since I switched to the 6 blade refills, I haven't had to worry about getting shaving nics or bad cuts. They're whipped butter is also amazing! Its better than shaving with regular shaving cream as it helps to keep the skin smooth and soft.
Besides all of the ease and perks of using their products, the packaging is also super cute so it feels like a little way of treating yourself. I'm so glad I joined!!


All Girls Shave Club has so many different products for pampering! I love them 🥰

Starter Kit
Marie B.
Love this razor

Love this razor handle. It has some weight to it so it doesn't feel cheap. The blades tend to last me 10 days to 2 weeks, and that's with shaving almost daily.


I absolutely love getting my refill blades sent to me at my house. They ship Automatically so I don't even have to worry about running out at a bar time. I also get to see deals that I can buy when my blades come. All around great way to get your blades. I love ot!!

Shine, Girl!
Michelle S.
My daughter loves it

When my 10 1/2 year old asked me about starting to shave I thought there must be a way to make this special for her. I found the Shine, Girl! starter kit and it was perfect! I love that it was geared to her age and the book with tips and tricks was good since she doesn't always listen to mom these days. She loves all the products. It was a great price for everything that comes inside. I will definitely recommend to friends with daughters. I wish I'd had something like this for my first shave!

Rose gold razor with refills

Quality is better than any other product out there. Very impressed and the email notifications are top notch.

Whipped Shave Butter

Shine, Girl!
Nicole S.
Awesome starter kit

Our daughter felt special with all the goodies Christmas morning !

Shine, Girl!
Crystal R.

Wonderful Customer Service! Great Product!!!

Love this razor!

Pink champagne

This smells so amazing, so feminine! It’s not overpowering nor has it caused me any irritation. I mostly just use it to shave my lady parts! I like to apply a small amount first before shaving, it seems to condition that area and then come back to that area to shave. Seems to make shaving much easier and faster! Smooth & no bumps.

Great as always

As always I am enjoying my whipped shave butter. It gives me the smoothest shave!

Feels and Smells Fabulous!

I love the smell and feel of the shave butter which is a bonus to how wonderful it works!!

So amazing!

I’ve never used a shave product like this before! And I’m never going back to store bought junk again! This is the BEST stuff I’ve ever tried to shave with! You won’t be disappointed. Try the pink champagne! So good. Thank you!

Starter Kit
Jesse M.
Not impressed.

I was super excited to try these razors but sadly they don't really do anything. It's like shaving with a piece of plastic, nothing really happens. I'm very disappointed.

Hello Jesse, We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us! I am sorry to hear the razors were not a good fit - We try our best to provide the highest quality products but we also know that every woman's body is different! Our customer service team would love to reach out to you to help you further. Thank you for giving us a try! xo

Discovery Products
Janet C.M.
All girl shave packing was amazing

Good size product, smells amazing

First shave kit and shave butter

Absolutely love these items. Excited for my second daughter to get her first shave kit for Christmas this year. My older daughter got hers for Christmas last year and we just loved it! The shave butter and quality of the razors are amazing!

Whipped Shave Butter
Heather M.

Whipped Shave Butter

Better than all others

Too bad this is a limited item, I would place it on recurring shipments because it’s the best scent and feel so far!

Starter Kit
Amber M.
Starter kit

OMG best razor ever. My legs have never been so smooth and the shave butter smells amazing.