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Starter Kit

I'm happy with it so far

Halfway There

I love the handle it's nice and heavy and beautifully put together, and the razor on the other hand is blah! I was expecting more.

Hey Kristina, I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't find the razors to be a good fit for you. We realize our products may not be the perfect fit for everyone. Thank you for letting us know and for giving it a try! We hope you can enjoy our other products! xo

I love them

This is the best razor and blades I have ever owned.

Whipped Shave Butter

I was disappointed in the whipped shave butter. It wasn't as creamy as I thought it would be and the scent was almost non existent. It was a small jar for a lot of money and it didn't do any good. I get more scent and leather from the Goat milk soap I make. I won't be purchasing it again.

Hi Suzette, Thank you for reaching out to us with your feedback. I am sorry to hear the whipped shave butter did not meet your expectations. There may have been little pieces in the shave butter that you came across, which are bentonite clay. This clay is one of the key ingredients that helps to protect against nicks and cuts when shaving. Even if you didn't enjoy the shave butter we hope you enjoy our razor and other products! Thank you for giving it a try. xo

Smells great and makes shaving easier

I've only used the shave butter once, but it makes shaving easier and your legs feel so much smoother when your done. I'll be buying another one when this one is gone.

6-Blade Razor Replenishments

It is great

6-Blade Razor Replenishments

Starter Kit
Awesome razor

I used it once and so far I love the handle, razor and the whipped butter for a great shave!

Oh my goodness!!

This stuff is amazing! Whipped Shave Butter, where have you been my whole life? I love this. It smells great and leaves my legs do smooth!!

Love! Rose Gold Razor

This is the best shave I've ever had!

Whipped Shave Butter


I love the blades on this razor. It’s well made and is a good weight, but it is so slick. It would be so nice if it had a “sticky” handle.

Hello there, Thanks for your feedback! We are in the process of creating a silicone grip sleeve to add to our razor for those who prefer it. We will let you know when it is ready! Thank you for choosing AGSC. xo

Starter Kit
It’s awesome

It shaves really nice best razor I’ve used so far

They are made beautifully and they glide Smoothly without nicking you

6-Blade Razor Replenishments

Amazing !!

I love this stuff. I signed up for random scents and got the pear. Not only does it smell amazing but it’s creamy and has kind of a exfoliant in it. I love love love this.


I am in love with whipped shave butter, it smells amazing and made my skin so incredibly soft! This product is awesome the closest shave I’ve had ever!

Only lasts about 3 shaves

These razors only last about 2-3 shaves. I will be canceling my subscription sadly.

Hi Crystal! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I am sorry to hear your blades did not last as long as you expected them to. Have you tried the bikini trimmer blade on the back? This blade is useful for trimming longer hair before shaving, to get an even closer, smoother shave while also prolonging the life of the blade. Either way, thank you so much for giving us a try, we appreciate you! xo

Cute little package

My 10 year old has been shaving on her own thanks to the all girl shave club! She loves it . Cartridges came quick and in cute bag

Starter Kit

Loved the razor and the packaging, including the little travel pouch for the razor! I got the holder too and it is staying on strong.

Starter Kit

All I can say is Thank you for the smoothest shave I have ever had!!! And the shave butter....??? Where have you been all my life! The Vanilla Cupcake had my shower smelling like a bakery!!!! You have a new lifetime customer here!

Starter Kit
Best Shave EVER!!!

I'm 40 years old and have always shaved with the cheap razors thinking one was as good as another. I couldn't be more wrong! The first time I use my All Girls Shave Kit I was blown away. My legs have never been smoother or softer. I will never use another razor again!

Just perfect!!

My daughter was actually so excited to use her shave kit and shave for the first time!! The package is so cute and love the scents of each item! Great product!!

6-Blade Razor Replenishments