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Shine, Girl!
Shannon N.

Amazing and well-designed!

6-Blade Razor Replenishments

Starter Kit
Elizabeth A.
Best razor ever

wow. The best razor I have ever used. Love it

I didn't like it, it doesn't lather good.

Hi Shaney, We're really sorry to hear you did not care for the whipped shave butter! It is loved by thousands of women across the US, but we understand it may not be the right fit for everyone. It lathers similar to soap (rather than like shaving cream) when applied so it may be a different texture than what you're used to! We hope you were able to enjoy the other products you received! Thanks for giving the shave butter a try. xo

Great razor!

I never have to worry about running out of razor heads. They work very well and I don’t get any razor bumps. Plus, these are cheaper than going to the store to replace your razor. Highly recommend!


Love the blades,and beautiful package,best razor I have had ,love thank you

Starter Kit
Jamie N.

Starter Kit

Razor Holder
Tracie R.
Razor Holder

Love it. Sticks to the shower well and it's flexibility makes it easy to use.

Rose Gold Handle
Shannon c.

Rose Gold Handle

Starter Kit
Amanda R.
Love it!

I'm loving my new razor! I have cancer and my skin is thinning and sensitive. This razor hasn't cut me yet. It's worked really well on my weird cancer skin. lol

Starter Kit
Amber C.
I’m in love

Very stylish and awesome to
Shave with

Shave Butter 2-pack (Build Your Own)

Starter Kit
Brittany J.

I've gone through so many razors and this is the best one I've had! Recommending it to everyone!

Starter Kit
Michelle R.
Can I just say WOW!

This is the first razor I have used that I can skip a day or even two, because there is no stubble whatsoever. I am 46 years old and I have been shaving since I was 12, so I have used them all! Thank you AGSC! You know what women want!

Starter Kit
Ashley N.

Starter Kit

Starter Kit
Jennifer H.

I typically do not do reviews, however this is the 3rd shave club subscription I tried and this one is definitely the best! The blades are amazing and the shave butter really helps with razor burn! The handle is by far the best quality, the only reason I’m not giving a perfect score is because it is heavy (which is good) but without a rubber grip I have dropped it a few times. I hope they come out with a grip and send it for no charge as this would be the only thing stopping me from continuing the subscription since it’s so slippery. Otherwise very happy with the customer service and quality!!

5 star

Your products are worth 5 stars I didn’t get cut when shaving for the first time.

Just okay

The texture seems odd to me, not really what I picture “whipped” to be. It’s thicker than a whipped anything would normally be and doesn’t spread super easily on the skin, just gets a little sudsy.

Hello Kelly, Thank you for sharing your feedback on the Whipped Shave Butter! I am sorry to hear you did not care for the product. It is meant to lather similar to soap when applied (different than shaving cream) and adds a protective barrier to prevent nicks and cuts. It's definitely unique and I hope it helped you have a nice, smooth shave! Thanks for giving it a try. xo


I love them! Leave your legs so smooth and you don’t have to worry about painful cuts

Discovery Products
Lennye B.

Loved the shave butter it works great

Starter Kit
Lisa F.
Starter kit

Absolutely love it. Will never buy anything different.

Whipped Shave Butter

I love it. Makes my skin feel great after wards and doesn’t even feel like you’re shaving.

The Best

The best ever blades. I'm so glad that I started the All Girls Shave Club!

Starter Kit
In love

I love this razor. My legs are so smooth after. I love the color and the razor isn't light, it has a little weight to it.