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I love this stuff

This is the best shave butter and I really do get a better shave with it than with anything else.

Rose Gold Handle
Jennifer O.
Great Item

Absolutely love the Rose Gold Handle, just had to replace my first one after three years of use!! Great product.

Love it

Rose Gold Handle
Sarah L.

The handle and razors are awesome! Highly recommend

Best product I have ever used

The shave butter is the best thing I have used for shaving and I have been shaving for several decades. I don’t get nicks and cuts as often as long as I remember to change the razor blade often enough. Old habits of trying to get just one more time out of the razor blade die hard. My skin doesn’t feel like I need to repair it after shaving. I used to put aloe on after shaving with other products. I wish this product would have been available when I first started shaving. I suffered many years of razor burns and irritated bumpy skin. Especially uncomfortable in the armpits. I don’t suffer from these issues anymore. I definitely recommend this product and I am glad there is a fragrance free version, since I have scent sensitivity.

Whipped Shave Butter
Jeannie R.

love the razors and shave cream

6-Blade Razor Replenishments


These work wonders!


Love these razors!

Starter Kit
Melissa E.

Super close shave!

Shave Whip

Love it!!! It's not thick. providing prefect barrier for a close shave, leaves my legs soft and smells great.

My husband loves them. They weren't for me, so I gave them to him. I have placed "my" next order. They are small and nice for his face.

Great product definitely will buy again

Body Wash Infused Body Buffer (Beach Grass)

I’ve used this product before, and I definitely will buy it again


Seriously cannot live without this shave butter

Shave Butter Spoon
Barbara S.

Perfect size

I love this razor!

I do not get ingrown hairs after using this razor. I would exfoliate and all that good stuff and I would still get ingrown hairs with my old razor. I thought it was something I was just going to have to deal with but after using my new one I see I no longer have this issue!

Yummy new scent

Cashmere ..... chef's kiss

Rose Gold Handle
Laura C.
Great Razor, EVEN Greater Customer Service

Have been using this service and razor for a little while now and loved it! I had a problem with my handle and so I reached out to the company to ask if this had happened before and what I should do. They got right back to me and made everything right! Sent me out a new handle that day, along with a velvet travel bag for my handle, and a blade cover!! Not only did they immediately fix the issue, but went above and beyond! Thank you so much!! We need more companies out there with good customer service.

Eye shadow

Love the eyeshadow would like to order more of it

Love these razors. Finally a razor that works as well as my husbands and the subscription refills are so convenient. I loved mine so much I bought one for my daughter too!

Awesome product

Helps with a close shave and my legs are smooth for days after

Please consider making permanent

I LOVED the limited edition pumpkin shave butter! It is my happy place. I would give almost anything to have this be a permanent scent. I'm glad I stocked up buy I really wish it was considered for a permanent place!