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I like this set. I only wish the razors were a little bit bigger.


Nice shave and I love the convenient replacement blades that are sent on a schedule!

6-Blade Razor Replenishments

Rose Gold Handle
The perfect handle and it's pretty too!

I had my first handle for a few years. I just ordered two more. The grip is prefect and it's pretty. I love my Rose Gold Handle!

Whipped Shave Butter

Pumpkin Delight - Limited Edition Scent
Adrianna P.
Smells amazing

I haven't quite used this shave butter yet but I can say that the pumpkin smell is absolutely amazing and I am so glad I got 2 of them.

Pumpkin Delight - Limited Edition Scent
Kristy B.
Pumpkin Spice Shave Butter

Amazing scent. I use the shave butter all the time. Love the seasonal ones.

6-Blade Razor Replenishments

Whipped Shave Butter
Michelle B.
Easy and effective

So creamy and soft. Easy to apply. No more razor burn. I have tried 4 scents and they have all been fabulous. But I think Unicorn is my fave!

Love it. Thinking about getting a new subscription for my daughter

Best razor ever and best customer service. My handle broke and they sent a new one for free!


Got this as a gift for my mom when she forgot her razor and was staying with us. Shipped fast, and made her stay here in Hawaii extra enjoyable since she was shaving often for beach days!!

Rose Gold Handle
Tracey H.
Love it

Beautiful razor

Starter Kit
Sarah L.

This razor is so great! I am so happy with this purchase.

Starter Kit
Heather F.
It’s okay

Well it does shave,But it clogs up fast so can only use it a couple times before having to switch blade again. On the other hand i have sensitive skin and this is the only razor I don’t break out with.

Hello Heather, Thanks so much for giving us a try and for sharing your feedback! We are always looking for ways to help improve our customers' experience. Did you try the bikini trimmer blade on the back? This blade is useful for helping to trim longer hair before shaving, to get an even closer, smoother shave. That is great that you did not get razor burn from the razor - what great news! Thank you again for your feedback! xo

Whipped Shave Butter
Samantha C.

This shave butter is way better than I would've guessed. A little goes a long way. Smells amazing. And I have eczema and it hasn't bothered me yet!

No more nicks or cuts

My whole life, I have had a problem nicking myself while shaving. Almost every time I shaved, I would come away bleeding. Since I switched to All Girl Shave Club razors, I have not cut myself once, even without the shave butter. I don't know what the difference is, but it's amazing!

Whipped Shave Butter
Jeannie S.

It’s ok

Hello Jeannie, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on the Whipped Shave Butter! If you have any questions regarding the product or want further guidance on how to use it, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at They are happy to help! We want to do all we can to give our customers the best experience possible! Thank you for choosing All Girl Shave Club! xo

Starter Kit
Brianna L.
I love this shaver kit.

I love how good the shave butter smells and how smooth my legs feel after I shave.

6-Blade Razor Replenishments

Starter Kit
Nancy G.

Starter Kit

Shave Butter

Love this product. I always get the smoothest shave and the shave always seem to last a few days longer.

Shine, Girl! (First Shave Kit)

Super Fun and Special!

I got this for my 11yo who was eager to learn how to shave. It was a fun and surprising gift for her and made this mother-daughter moment pretty special. The scrub and cream smelled great and my daughter loved them.