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It’s FALL ya’ll! 🍂🍁

This Pumpkin Delight shave butter is giving be all the fall feels! It smells yummy enough to eat (but I won’t 🤣), and works like magic. Please make it a normal scent. I would use it year round. 🧡🤎

Whipped Shave Butter


Felt like I was in my own personal spa. It’s hard for me to practice self care but this butter (pink champagne) smells so good and makes shaving a really enjoyable experience. Will definitely buy again!


The hair on my legs is so coarse. The shave butter is the most amazing stuff. I haven't had legs this smooth in a very very long time!!!!

Rose Gold Handle
Jennifer B.

Rose Gold Handle

Starter Kit
Elizabeth B.
Best razor EVER....

This is the best razor i have ever used, it is a nice, neat, close shave with no cuts or nicks

I love my blade refills and the butters

Love it is super creamy and leaves my legs super soft and smooth 🌸


I ordered this kit for my 11 year-old who wanted to start shaving. She hung the razor in her shower and in less than a week the blade was completely rusted and unusable! Very dangerous and terrible qualify. Go buy Billie, awesome and comfortable razors.

Hi Samantha, thank you for sharing your experience with us. We often receive reviews on how our blades last longer than others so I am sorry to hear you did not have that same experience! Our customer service team would love to discuss solutions further with you, so please expect to hear from them soon! Thank you for giving us a try! xo

Whipped Shave Butter is the Better Than Shaving Cream

The Whipped Shave Butter from All Girl Shave Club is the best! It has a nice gentle exfoliator and the ingredients make my legs feel super soft which makes shaving so much easier. I don't have to worry about cuts or rough skin anymore. Pink Champagne is my personal favorite when it comes to all of the different scent varieties.

Starter Kit
Kelli A.

Starter Kit

Great Razor

I was ready to give a bad review when I realized the razor blade was upside down. I love the feel of the razor, it’s well made and heavier than most razors. It cuts very nicely and I get clean shaven legs. I also tried the pre shave product which smell’s really good and works well. I have also used it after shaving and it makes your legs silky smooth like you just put oil on them. I highly recommend this razor. I also have to say it came really quick.

Starter Kit
Meredith D.
Excellent, High Quality Products

I have been wanting to try All Girl Shave Club for a while as a way to pamper myself, but as a mom I tend to put my needs on the back burner. I’m so glad I finally purchased the subscription! It exceeded my expectations in every way. My legs have never been smoother and the whipped shave butter smells amazing and makes me feel like I’m in a spa instead of just in my shower. If you’ve been waiting to try it for yourself, just do it! You won’t be disappointed!

Starter Kit
Elizabeth W.

I switched to All Girl Shave Club after watching an unboxing of the subscription on YouTube. The razor is great quality and I chose the add on shave butter option. I chose the surprise me because I could not decide and I was sent Beach Babe which smells AMAZING! I cannot wait to receive future boxes!

Love love love this!

Starter Kit
Abby P.
Not very sharp

My razor is easy to use but it doesn't stay sharp long. I shave once ever week and it only lasted two shaves. Not overly impressed.

Hi Abby, I am sorry to hear you had mixed experiences with our 6-Blade Rose Gold Razor system! Thank you for sharing those with us. Most of our customers comment on how our razors last longer than other brands, but we understand every body is different so we all have different experiences! Blades tend to dull quicker if they are kept damp or wet, so I would recommend trying out our Razor Holder found on our Shop - It keeps your razor upright in the shower to let it dry properly when not being used! Feel free to email us at to talk further - our customer service team is happy to chat! Thank you for giving us a try! xo

Better than Men’s Razors

You won’t get a better shave then with this razor! My legs are super super soft and I will never use another razor. Plus it has a bikini trimmer on every blade that actually works and works well. This is the first female razor that actually works better than Mens razors!

Rose Gold Handle
Roxanne M.
Thanks for the Great Customer Service

I started my membership months ago and my first handle broke. Soon all I had was a stack of blades. I kept waiting for the handle to go on promotion so I could just buy another one, but it never did. I went to the website to cancel my subscription. While there I chose to message the customer service department with the issue to see what could be done. Without a reply or lots of questions I received an email notification that a new handle was being shipped at no charge. That was so amazing I hardly believed it. Got the new handle and I am back loving my close shave. Thanks so much. I will recommend this company to anyone who asks.

Love this razor

If it’s wrong to love a razor, I don’t want to be right. High quality product and fast shipping. I’m enjoying my shave cream/balm too!

Starter Kit
Nori C.
Awesome Razor!

I’ve tried a lot of razors trying to find a great shave and I’m totally impressed after just one use! Highly recommend!

6-Blade Razor Replenishments


I really, really like this cloth! I have one similar that I had purchased years back at a Hallmark Card & Gift Shop in my hometown...the ONLY things that made the one that I had purchased better than this one from All Girl Shave Club is 1) the fact that it came with a mini suction cup with hook and 2) the fact that there is a loop on the cloth. Otherwise, the two are equal in comparison. I would, quite frankly, prefer a loop & a suction cup hanger.

Hi Lauren, Thank you so much for your review on our Make-Up Removing Cloth. I am so glad to hear you have enjoyed it so far! Thank you for your recommendations and feedback - we certainly will take it into consideration! Thank you again for your purchase! xo

6-Blade Razor Replenishments

Why haven't I tried this club sooner?!!

I guess it might be possible to fall in love with a razor (and products). I belonged to another club before and was using male razors. My late husband, whom recently passed and I used those razors for years. However, I always was getting little cuts and just assuming maybe it was me. Well, I tried your razor and butter, and WOW.....the smoothest, most easy shave ever! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! You definitely have a new club member and I will be telling all of my friends.

Blade replacement

Love them, great service and fast shipping