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Earn Rewards

The Deets:

When you share your unique link with friends or family they'll receive a special coupon code that will give them 20% off their first order of $18 or more.

When they complete their purchase (after clicking on your share link) you'll get credit for their purchase in the form of a $10 cash payout, paid to you through PayPal.

There is a 7-day review period in place in case someone were to cancel their order before it ships.

After you successfully refer a purchase using your link, you'll receive an email to enter your PayPal email address for your PayOut. Payouts are processed on or around the 3rd of the month.

You can review any pending rewards and referrals that you've made by logging in using the fields above and clicking on the "Your Rewards" tab on the top.

Rewards and discount offers may change occasionally, but you'll be notified if any changes are made to the program.

Feel free to share your unique link however you wish! You can text it, share on social media, add it to your link in bio, email - it's up to you! There are no limits on how many referrals you can make and how many rewards you can earn.

Thanks for helping us share the love! If you have any questions, you can email us at