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We deliver high quality, female-focused, unique shaving and body products that will delight you with every use. Our products are always free from parabens, propylene glycol and added colors/dyes. And because we’re animal lovers too, cruelty-free always & forever.


  • “I know it sounds silly but I really do get excited everytime my All Girl Shave Club packages arrive. Even though I ordered it, it feels like a gift for myself each time!” -Christine J. Ocala, FL
  • “What I needed was a subscription that was affordable and came with feminine products like shave cream, soaps, scrubs etc. The shave butter is TO DIE FOR! The razors are extremely high quality. The cartridge is slim so I can reach those hard places like my ankles. The shave was the smoothest I’ve been able to get in YEARS!! I actually look forward to shaving now!” -Julie K., Seattle, WA
  • “This is an amazing company that truly puts women first! I love the products so much, my daughters and I will be customers for life! Thank you for bringing us such great products.” -Melissa P., Orange County, CA
  • “I cannot tell you enough how much I love my All Girl Shave Club subscription! The razor is the best I have ever used and the shaving products are all spectacular! I tell all my friends because my legs have never been so soft and so well cared for. Thank you!” -Nicole S., Cranston, RI
  • “My legs are important to me! I want to keep them looking and feeling their best and that’s why I am so obsessed with the products that I get from All Girl Shave Club. They are much higher quality than anything else I’ve tried (and trust me, I’ve tried a lot). My legs and I thank you for that!” -Briana W., Austin, TX