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Starter Kit

Your Starter Kit will ship right away! It includes:

  • Beautiful Rose Gold metal handle, with your choice of rubber grip color
  • 6-blade diamond coated razor refills (pack of 4)
  • Safety cover
  • Shave tote (for storage or easy grab and go!)
$18 - Free US Shipping

After your Starter Kit, we’ll ship 8 razor refills to you in every renewal package for $18 based on the frequency that you choose. You can modify, pause or cancel at anytime!

Step 1

First, pick your handle color.

Pretty in Pink
Poppin' Purple

Product Description:

  • Bye-bye plastic, hellllooooo Rose Gold metal handle!  Weighted for extra precision and control.
  • 6-blade, stay sharp system for a smoother, closer shave that's gentle on even the most sensitive skin.
  • Diamond coated blades for extra durability that last longer than any other system we've tried!
  • Flexible head to navigate delicate feminine curves and hard to reach places.
  • Lubricating Vitamin E & Aloe moisture strip 
Step 2

Next, how often do you shave?

We’ll deliver 8 razor refills in each renewal shipment. You can change or cancel your subscription easily at any time. Pinky promise.
Step 3

Wanna make it more fun?

Member Favorite!

Whipped Shave Butter

Enhance your shave with our best selling whipped shave butter! Choose from 6 scented or unscented options. We promise you won’t regret it!

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Discovery Products

Let us surprise and delight you with 2-3 unique shaving, body and/or grooming products, along with a jar of our signature whipped shave butter! Products are a surprise each time, but they always have a combined retail value of $40 or more! Recently featured brands/products include Dermovia, Zoe Ayla, Spongelle, Busy Beauty & Pure Lano.


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