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Shine Girl: What's Inside

  • Bella Razor Handle Beautiful teal handle, weighted for extra control

  • 4 Bella Razor Refills 5-blades on the front that are spaced perfectly to provide a close, comfortable shave with exclusive rollerball technology which helps the razor to glide easily over skin. Perfect for beginners!

  • Pretty Little Razor Holder Suctions fiercely to the wall of the shower to safely hang razor when not in use.

  • Whipped Shave Butter in Unicorn Kisses The BEST shaving product for all females! Enhanced with bentonite clay to help the razor glide effortlessly, reducing nicks and cuts. Made with the natural goodness of avocado oil and shea butter to lock in moisture and hydrate skin while shaving (instead of drying it out like other shaving creams and gels).

  • Glow! Sugar Scrub in Vanilla Cupcake A gentle exfoliator that helps to remove dead skins cells and prepare her skin for a bump free shave.

  • Nourish Body Lotion in Pear Goddess A dreamy blend of pear and berries that will nourish her skin and body.

  • “Happiness Looks Gorgeous on You” Canvas Tote Bag To store all her goodies or other accessories.

  • Guide Booklet The perfect companion to bond, celebrate, teach and inspire positive body confidence. Filled with tutorials, tips, journaling exercises, affirmations and more!

  • Coloring Box The box the products come in is just as fun as the products themselves! The box is artistically designed to be a fun coloring keepsake.