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Nov/Dec 2019 Discovery Bundle Reveal

What's Inside? 🎉

Hi there, gorgeous!  This month's bundle is themed "Merry + Bright" because that's how we hope you'll feel after putting your new treats to use! Check out the video below for an unboxing with our Founder, Jessica where she highlights each of the products in the collection and reveals more info on how to enjoy them!👇

Nov Dec 2019 Discovery Bundle Reveal Video

Self-Care Checklist ✔︎

Don't forget to set time aside on your calendar to complete the self-care checklist items for this month!  If you need a reminder, they are

  • Create a vision board.This link gives you step by step directions on how to make one and the benefits of making one.
    Not only will it help you cast vision on your goals, the act of creating one is cathartic and healing!
  • Let go of perfectionism. It's hard to take care of yourself when you set your standards impossibly high.For one day, choose to let some of the pressure of perfection go. When those thoughts creep in, squash them by imagining a "delete" button in your mind and pressing it hard!

  • Give yourself an at home facial! Grab a guide and recipe from our "Skin Care Tips for Women" board on Pinterest. Filled with tons of creative ways to give your skin some love.Follow up with the skincare serums you received in this month's bundle! 

Say it. Live it. Be it. Monthly Affirmation 💖

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome and challenge negative thoughts. When you repeat them often and believe them, you can begin to make positive changes.  Each month, a new affirmation is printed on your insert card, collect them all and repeat them daily.  This month's affirmation:

monthly affirmation collectible card

Bonus: If you have a journal, take some time to journal out your thoughts around the new beginnings you would like to welcome into your life in 2020. 

Product Line Up

Apothecare Essentials Skin Serum Trio - $18.Reduce fine lines, firm skin, replenish moisture and defend against artificial blue light!PhytoYoung, PhytoQuench + PhytoDefend will leave your skin looking more radiant, dewy, and healthy. 

Manna Kadar Champagne Charcoal Body Scrub - $24.Bubbles anyone? This decadent champagne scented body scrub contains charcoal to remove dirt and build up, leaving the skin polished, hydrated, and refreshed.

Velvet Scrunchie - $4.Putting a luxe spin on the scrunchie trend, this velvet beauty is the perfect accessory to any outfit this season. View more colors + patterns available here.
Bonus: Check out our Scrunchie Love Pinterest board for fun scrunchie looks!

Whipped Shave Butter - $10.50.Filled with the goodness of avocado oil and shea butter to lock in moisture while you shave, leaving skin nourished, hydrated and silky soft (instead of drying it out like other shave products!). Enhanced with bentonite clay which forms a protective barrier to prevent nicks and cuts and adds lubrication so your razor glides effortlessly across skin.  This month, we are featuring a timeless classic, Vanilla Cupcake!  If you want to be surprised with a different scent each month, log in to your customer dashboard and select the "surprise me" variant! 


We hope you've enjoyed this month's Discovery Bundle! 

 If you've joined us on subscription, you'll automatically receive the next Discovery Bundle we release. If you haven't, we'd love to have you!  You can join here and enjoy discounted pricing plus free USA shipping on your subscription! 

Spoiler Alert:  Next cycle's Discovery Bundle is our 3 year birthday edition!  We're packing it full with extra love to celebrate big!  Hope to see you there!