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Mar/Apr 2020 Discovery Bundle Reveal

What's Inside? 🎉

Well hello there, pretty lady!  We're so close to spring, I can almost taste it! Winter has been really cold here in New England so if you're in a climate like mine, you're probably counting down the days to warmer weather too!  This month, I wanted to bring you something to help you over the hump of winter, so you can welcome spring with confidence and radiance. I thought what better way to beat the winter blues then with some fun beauty boosters!  We don't include a lot of beauty products around here, but these are some staples (and a fun find I couldn't resist!) that everyone can enjoy! You can check out my unboxing video below where I detail each item in the collection and share some tips and tutorials on how to use each item! I hope you love them and that they add a little extra "sunshine" to your life!👇


Self-Care Checklist ✔︎

Don't forget to set time aside on your calendar to complete the self-care challenge checklist items for this month!  If you need a reminder, they are

  • Post-it Your Palace!Take a pack of post-it notes and write an encouraging quote or affirmation that really speaks to you on each one. Place them around your house where you'll see them everyday (bathroom mirror, closet door, fridge etc). Need some inspiration? Check out our Post-It Note Affirmations Pinterest Board here
  • Spread positivity! Send a note, card or text to a friend who could use some love. You'll boost her spirits and it will for sure raise your vibe too! Want a bigger challenge? Do it once a week for a whole month!

  • Try something new in your living space! Rearrange the furniture in one of the rooms of your house, get new curtains or add a new plant or lamp. Small changes can really change the energy of our space and bring in lasting happiness effects.

Say it. Live it. Be it. Monthly Affirmation 💖

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome and challenge negative thoughts. When you repeat them often and believe them, you can begin to make positive changes.  Each month, a new affirmation is printed on your insert card, collect them all and repeat them daily.  This month's affirmation:

Say it live it be monthly affirmation card


Product Line Up

Coconut Oil + Coffee Sugar Body Scrub by Purelisse- $16.Beat the winter blues with an instant pick me up for your skin + body. This unique scrub is like bathing in a warm cup of coffee and will leave your skin cleansed and polished.Perfect to use prior to shaving for an extra close shave.

Hautegloss in Birthday Suite by Without Contrast - $15.This high shine lip gloss gives lips a soft, crystal shine leaving them soft and hydrated, accentuating your natural gorgeous tone. Shine on ladies!

Glow Duo by Mai Couture - $18. This travel-friendly, 2-in-1 bronzing/highlight-blotting paper duo delivers buildable, sun-kissed color while removing shine in an instant! Ideal for a natural bronzed look with a subtle sexy glow. This innovative highlighter paper is designed to effortlessly give your skin an extra boost of glow anytime, anywhere!

Whipped Shave Butter - $10.50.Filled with the goodness of avocado oil and shea butter to lock in moisture while you shave, leaving skin nourished, hydrated and silky soft (instead of drying it out like other shave products!). Enhanced with bentonite clay which forms a protective barrier to prevent nicks and cuts and adds lubrication so your razor glides effortlessly across skin.  This month, we are featuring our flagship scent, Pink Champagne!  If you want to be surprised with a different scent each month, log in to your customer dashboard and select the "surprise me" variant! 


 We hope you've enjoyed this month's Discovery Bundle! 

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