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Jan/Feb 2020 Discovery Bundle Reveal

What's Inside? 🎉

Hello sweet friend and Happy New Year!  I hope your 2020 is off to a fantastic start! This month's bundle is a special one because it includes a few of my personal favorite things!  In honor of All Girl Shave Club's 3rd Birthday, I wanted to put together a fun "favorites" bundle for your lips, lashes, legs + hair!  You can check out my unboxing video below where I detail each item in the collection and share my best tips on how to use each one! I hope you love them as much as I do!👇

January February Discovery Bundle Box Reveal 2020

Self-Care Checklist ✔︎

Don't forget to set time aside on your calendar to complete the self-care challenge checklist items for this month!  If you need a reminder, they are

  • Treat Yourself! Take yourself out for dessert (or a smoothie) or any other type of quick treat that you love, but never seem to indulge in. Put it in your calendar or give yourself 15 extra minutes on your way to an appointment to enjoy it! Bonus: when you're there, take a photo and tag us @AllGirlShaveClub so we can re-post and love on you for taking action!
  • Give your lips some love! Find a lip scrub recipe on our lip lovin' Pinterest board here.  Slough away dry, flaky skin, follow up with a lip mask (included in your discovery bundle) and finish with your favorite lip balm. 

  • Marie Kondo your purse. The Marie Kondo method suggests only holding onto things that spark joy. Get rid of all of the excess clutter you've been carrying around and neatly add essential items back in. If you're lacking joy sparking items in your purse, add in your "Say it. Live it. Be it." affirmation card where you can see it and repeat it each time you open your purse....and attract more abundance into your life! 

Say it. Live it. Be it. Monthly Affirmation 💖

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome and challenge negative thoughts. When you repeat them often and believe them, you can begin to make positive changes.  Each month, a new affirmation is printed on your insert card, collect them all and repeat them daily.  This month's affirmation:

I am abundant in all areas of my life affirmation card

Product Line Up

Nectar Lash Serum by Serloom (Babe Lash) - $29.99. Looking for natural, fuller, longer looking eyelashes and brows? Nectar Lash Serum is powered with peptides for a more natural formula that is gluten, paraben + cruelty free. Apply to lash line/brows daily for fuller, longer lashes/brows in just 8-12 weeks!

Lip Gel Masks (3 pack) by South Mane Beauty - $9. For the perfect pout, these nourishing lip gels will revitalize and moisturize - leaving your lips soft and kissably smooth. Apply to clean, dry lips then wear for 15-20 minutes.

Rose Oil & Peach Hair Mask by Hask - $3. A moisturizing blend of organic rose oil, juicy peach and hydrolyzed quinoa to seal in shine and restore radiance! If you have color treated hair it also helps to fight fading. Apply to wet hair, leave in for 10 minutes, then rinse. 

Whipped Shave Butter - $10.50.Filled with the goodness of avocado oil and shea butter to lock in moisture while you shave, leaving skin nourished, hydrated and silky soft (instead of drying it out like other shave products!). Enhanced with bentonite clay which forms a protective barrier to prevent nicks and cuts and adds lubrication so your razor glides effortlessly across skin.  This month, we are featuring a BRAND NEW LIMITED EDITION scent, Party Dress!  If you want to be surprised with a different scent each month, log in to your customer dashboard and select the "surprise me" variant! 
Party Dress is only available during the months of January + February!  If you loved it and want to stock up, you can grab more here for a limited time:



We hope you've enjoyed this month's Discovery Bundle! 

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