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Your Discovery Bundle Is Getting a Glow Up!

As a Discovery Bundle subscriber, you've been enjoying whipped shave butter in fun unique scents, and a few extra surprise products each cycle.  After 5 years of bundles, and listening to your feedback, we're making some changes that will put you in control of what you receive with each delivery! 🎉

Here's how it's going to work:

  • Starting with your next renewal, you're going to receive a jar of whipped shave butter in place of your discovery bundle. 
  • If you currently receive razors with your discovery bundle, or any additional shave butters, those will remain on your subscription as well.  
  • Before your next renewal, you'll receive an email with a chance to choose your favorite add-ons from the shop!
  • You can select from a variety of add on products contained within the email to add to your order for that month, at exclusive discounted prices! Yessss!
  • If you don't see anything you'd like to add on, we'll ship your shave butter (and razors if you're subscribed to them) as normal, and you'll get the chance to add on different products the next cycle.

This new model gives you more control over what you'll receive to ensure that it's always a win for you! 


1. Will I still get to try limited edition/seasonal shave butter scents with my subscription?

YES! In place of your Discovery Bundle you'll be subscribed to a whipped shave butter subscription. If you currently receive limited edition/seasonal scents as a discovery subscriber that means you're on the "surprise me" variant, and you'll still receive those surprise scents with your new shave butter subscription!  

2. Will the price change?

The price of your base subscription will actually be going down! In place of your discovery bundle, you'll be subscribed to whipped shave butter ($10). If you have razors as part of your discovery bundle, that will remain the same ($18).  You can select any add ons you'd like each cycle - you only pay for what you add on, and the prices of those add ons are exclusive, subscriber only prices.  

3.  Do I need to do anything to get this "glow up"?

Not a thing! We'll automatically adjust your subscription so that with your next renewal, you'll be ready to take advantage of the new add ons available to you! 

4.  Will I love this?!

ABSOLUTELY!!  You'll get to pick your favorites, at subscriber exclusive prices, so that you know when your order arrives it will be filled with exactly what you love!  


If you have more questions that haven't been answered here, reach out to us at - we're always happy to help!







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