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6-Blade Razor Replenishments

6-blade, stay sharp, diamond coated blades give you the smoothest, closest shave that's gentle on even the most sensitive skin.  Each cartridge contains 6-diamond coated blades on the front and a bikini trimmer blade on the back. Pack of 4, 8 or 16.

Please note: These blades only connect with our Rose Gold handle.  Rose Gold handles are sold separately and are not included with the purchase of this product.  

Customer Reviews

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Really loving my new razor!

I was motivated to look for a shaving club subscription when I was looking to reduce my monthly expenses and realized how much I could save over retail on razors. Also, I was attracted to the idea of supporting a female-owned business.

I must say I have had a great experience so far with the sample kit and the shave butter (unscented). My skin is really sensitive and eczema prone, so cheap razors were never going to work for me. The handle is substantial but not heavy, and the flexibility of the head ensures that the blades are not skipping over my skin.

And a bikini trimmer built into the razor? What is this fabulous sorcery? No more separate tools or blades!

Given the sensitivity of my skin, I was worried about only using one blade a week, but I'm giving it a try and so far feeling that the blade is "dull" - we'll see how things go once we get into summer! Traditionally, I always used a fresh blade for shaving my legs (which I do 2-3 times a week) because the store-bought blades seemed to get dull and would irritate my skin if I used them more than once.

I used the shave butter and was pleasantly surprised - I expected it to be gunky, greasy, messy, or need to use big handfuls of it for a single shave, and none proved to be the case. My legs were even smoother afterwards and because you apply it thinly, it doesn't make the shave any less close. Now I just have to get better about using it each time - I sometimes forget since I gave up on such shaving products years ago and therefore have gone out of the habit.

Super pleased so far with the products!

Soooo smooth!!!!

Love the way the 6 blade razors make my legs feel!!!! Love to having to shop for razors! I’ve found the best!!


Love the shaver!!!

Love love LOVE!

It was so exciting to receive my first order from All Girl Shave Club! I was blown away by the quality of the products and the care that went into them. I loved feeling "girly" during my shower time and now look forward to my shave time which I now consider PaMpEr TiMe!!!!

Best shave ever

The new 6 blade razors are the absolute most wonderful things ever, couldn’t ask for a closer shave. All Girl Shave Club is the best!