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May 03, 2021 3 min read

We all have that friend... the one with a perfect morning routine.  Each and every morning, no matter what else is in front of her for the day, she somehow finds the time and energy to power through her morning rituals.  Maybe she's even shared her perfect morning process with you and promised that it would transform your mornings if you just stick with it for a few weeks.  

If you're anything like us, you try it out, give it your best effort and after about three days find yourself once again cuddled in bed and scrolling instagram as soon as the alarm goes off.   

After years of trying all the popular morning routines and checklists shared by our favorite vloggers, celebrities and wellness gurus here's what we've learned: YOU are the key to finding your perfect morning routine.
Discovering the best way to start each and every day isn't about forcing ourselves through a checklist of "must-do's" that work for someone else- it's about finding those little rituals that help us to feel our best (and fit in perfectly with our lives!)   
Whether you're an early-riser or night-owl, and no matter how much time you have available, you can craft your very own personalized morning routine that you actually look forward to doing every single day!

So, let's ditch the checklists and have some fun! 
Start by deciding how much time you can dedicate to your morning routine, and then select one small ritual from each of the categories below.  


Take a few moments as soon as the day starts to care for your body!  Be sure to choose a ritual that you enjoy and have time for: 

  • Drink a big cup of water or tea
  • Take a short walk
  • Stretch in bed
  • Step outside and breathe deeply
  • Hit the gym or go for a run
  • Open your curtains and let the light shine


Now that we're moving, it's time to wake up our brain!  From fun puzzles to reading and listening, there are so many ways to move ourselves out of sleep-mode so we're ready to focus on our day: 

  • Listen to a short podcast episode
  • Find an inspiring article or blog post
  • Watch a TED Talk
  • Work on a crossword puzzle
  • Learn a new word to use today
  • Read a chapter of any book
  • Meditate silently


It can be easy to let ourselves focus only on the things that will keep us busy over the day ahead- but moving our attention to areas of our life that bring us joy can change our perspective for the rest of the day.  Give one of these simple ideas a try: 
  • Text a friend
  • List your gratitudes from the day before
  • Journal your hopes for the day ahead
  • Cuddle with your pet
  • Read a positive uplifting news story
  • Visualize a great outcome for the day
  • Dance to encouraging music


We can give ourselves a major win first thing in the morning by accomplishing just one task that sets us up for success throughout the rest of the day.  Here are a few you can start with: 

  • Write your to-do list
  • Make your bed
  • Plan out your schedule
  • Identify your most important task to do today
  • Water your plants
  • Pack a healthy lunch
  • Set a timer and tidy one space


Choose your four rituals, and try them out for a few days!  Then, swap out any that don't bring you complete joy- keep going until you've designed your very own perfect morning routine!


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