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Shine Girl Refill Kit

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  • We know how it goes, you're both busy and life gets crazy. But restocking her bathroom can be a simple way to show her how much you care.

    This 2-month supply refill kit is filled with all of her favorites - PLUS some playful treats to remind her how bright she shines!

    Why She'll LOVE It:

    💜 2 month supply of razor refills so she'll always have fresh cartridges

    💜 Protection against nicks and cuts with whipped shave butter in a delicious scent (or unscented)

    💜 Condition, tighten & brighten skin with Tahitian coconut pre-shave scrub that polishes away build up for the closest shave possible

    💜 Lightly scented vanilla body wash for a fresh start to each day

    💜 Waterproof note set so she can doodle & dream wherever her heart desires

    💜 Art print and coloring page so she'll never forget how bright she shines

    What's Included:

    ✔️ 8-pack of Bella razor refill cartridges that go with her teal Bella handle from her Shine Girl First Shave Kit Box ($18 value)

    ✔️ Full sized jar of whipped shave butter in the scent of your choice or unscented, 4 oz jar ($12 value)

    ✔️ Vanilla Cupcake Body Wash ($9 value)

    ✔️ Splashy Notes Waterproof Note Set that hangs in the shower ($11 value)

    ✔️ Frameable art print and coloring page ($2 value)

    Please note: the handle is not standardly included in this bundle unless you select the "add a handle" option above. The Bella razor refills only connect with the teal Bella handle that is featured in the Shine Girl box. If you need an extra handle, or you haven't already purchased the Shine Girl box previously, select the "add a handle" option above so that we can include one for you.

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